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Ten-man LowDown Brass Band deftly defies genre classification to create a unique, funky sound.

The Chicago Sun Time once published an analysis of the LowDown Brass Band, saying, “Not exactly Slipknot, but not exactly John Philip Sousa either. What it is, exactly, is awesome.”

While the heavy metal band and America’s premier marching music composer may seem too incongruent to possibly reference in the same sentence, the evocative comparisons here are, indeed, appropriate.

LowDown Brass Band is bringing their unclassifiable sound to Whiskey Jacques’ in Ketchum for a concert this Friday, Aug. 9. Doors open at 9 p.m. ahead of the performance.

Audience members are in for a truly unique sonic experience. Is it funk? Is it jazz? Is it metal? Is it rap? Is it, as the Sun Times suggested, some mutated form of turn-of-the-century brass band music? The answer to all of those questions is both yes and no.

Critics and listeners alike have a tendency to stick to categorical genre classifications to determine taste and create shortcuts and metrics for criticism. Few bands demonstrate the shortcomings of that tendency as deftly and confidently as LowDown.

To attempt to describe LowDown’s musicality in written words is something of a doomed enterprise. Some music just has to be heard, and that is the case with LowDown Brass Band.

They will target Ketchum toward the conclusion of an extensive three-month-long North American tour, bringing the beats and the grooves and the walls of sound to venues and festivals all over.

Tickets can be purchased online at whiskeyjacques.com for $8, or picked up at the door for $10. Visit whiskeyjacques.com for concert details or check out lowdownbrassband.com to learn more about the music.

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