Since its inception in 1971, the Sun Valley Center for the Arts has continuously given back to the community through a variety of educational and transformative arts programs; in fact, community building is part of The Center’s core values, as stated on its website.

To further its community-enriching mission, The Center is offering “Stepping Out of the Frame: Museum-Based Art Therapy Program,” a six-week pilot program dedicated to facilitating therapeutic experiences for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. The program is intended to expand The Center’s reach and maintain its goal of serving more diverse populations within the Sun Valley area.

The foundation of the program—museum-based art therapy—“marries both art therapy and art education,” said Jordyn Dooley, art therapist and enrichment educator at The Center. Dooley, who is leading the workshop, differentiated museum-based art therapy from under the umbrella of art therapy and art education, defining it as a mixture of “education and learning” that “foster[s] desire … and catalyz[es] healing through the museum experience.”

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