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MacArthur Genius Grant-winning Idaho playwright Samuel D. Hunter attended an advanced reading of his new play, “A Case for the Existence of God,” at The Argyros on Sunday. The event, organized by Sawtooth Productions, featured local actors Chris Carwithen and David Janeski in a dramatic reading of Hunter’s new work in progress, and as Hunter said, was one of the first times he had heard it read out loud and the only time a sizable audience has heard it. Carwithen and Janeski played the only two characters, Ryan and Keith, two struggling single dads in Twin Falls. Though coming from totally different backgrounds, they find that what they share—“a specific kind of sadness”—far outweighs their differences. The play moved at a fair clip, balancing hard-hitting moments of sadness with quippy back-and-forth dialogue and a few laugh-out-loud one-liners. Hunter sets all his plays in his native Idaho and has emerged as one of the most celebrated playwrights working in New York City today.

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