Pete Fromm

Pete Fromm

    Corresponding with the release of his newest novel, “A Job You Mostly Won’t Know How To Do,” award-winning author Pete Fromm will alight in Ketchum for a free sneak-preview reading at The Community Library.

    The new book from the much-lauded author taps into the highs and lows of parenthood. First-time father and recent widower Taz struggles to balance work, finances and childrearing amid a swathe of unpredictable challenges, but with every challenge comes a great reward.

    Quoting author Rick DeMarinis, Fromm said, “Family is the dangerous radioactive core of all good fiction,” a sentiment he has taken to heart.

    Family, and especially pregnancy and childbirth, act as recurring themes in much of Fromm’s fiction, particularly “If Not For This” and “As Cool As I Am.”

    “The act of having a child, the huge and sudden shift in duties and priorities and responsibilities, is simply loaded with story potential,” he said.

    Speaking from experience, as a father of two, Fromm elaborated upon the ups and downs, the troubles and celebrations, the dichotomous antonyms and the very real gray areas. Parenthood, Fromm said, is “going to take you to places you never expected, never dreamed existed, test you in ways wholly unexpected, but it’s something I wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world.”

    In a career spanning decades, Fromm has published 11 books, including novels, memoirs and short story collections. Titles such as “How All This Started,” “Dry Rain,” “Indian Creek Chronicles” as well as the aforementioned novels have all garnered awards.

    Speaking of his upcoming reading at the library, Fromm stressed the importance of community engagement, especially in less populous areas.

    “Personally, on tours, I ask the publisher to forego the biggest venues in the biggest places, far preferring to go places less on the beaten path,” he said. “For the writer, they’re critical, exposing books to people who might very well never hear of them otherwise. For the community, I think they’re a great way to get together, find people with common interest—people who think, who look forward to expanding the boundaries of the small towns they live in.”

    That approaches the essence of Fromm’s objective as a writer: to bring people together, to inspire meaningful thought and, hopefully, help make the world a better place one reader at a time.

    “My intention is to make someone feel something, to move them, perhaps show them what empathy can do for a person,” Fromm said. “Empathy seems to be in pretty short supply these days.”

    People can swing by the library at 6 p.m. tomorrow night, Thursday, May 9, to enjoy a reading from this celebrated author’s newest insight into life, love and the pursuit of happiness. The reading will be held in the library’s lecture hall and a question-and-answer session will follow. For more information, visit or

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