Restrictions and health concerns continue to shorten the events calendar, but more and more organizations are pursuing alternative solutions to provide programming. At The Community Library, many cancelled programs have been rescheduled in an online format.

In April, the library had prepared an all-day workshop with Sun Valley-based nonprofit Loving Spirit, which helps people process grief and loss. The door did not close on the in-person workshop before a window opened for a restructuring.

“COVID-19 forced us to cancel our workshops, yet inspired us to find an alternative way to help those who are in pain and grieving,” said Dayle Spencer, board president of Loving Spirit. “As much as we’re missing meeting in person, we’re thrilled to be able to extend our reach, especially during these days of so much loss.”

In lieu of a one-day workshop, the library and Loving Spirit have partnered to produce a free webinar series. The series consists of six one-hour sessions and will launch online beginning Monday, June 1, accessible to anyone at any time.

Registration is now open at An accompanying workbook will be available for download after registration.

The webinar will be accessible on all internet enabled devices from June 1 through Dec. 31, for viewers to access at their leisure. Closed-captioning is available for the hearing impaired, and the producers are busy working on a Spanish language edition, set for release by July 1.

“The April workshop at the library would have been limited to a small number of participants, but now we’re able to share this incredible resource with the entire community,” said Martha Williams, programs and education manager at The Community Library.

“In a time of tremendous upheaval, there are many people seeking support around the loss of loved ones, jobs, and financial security, among other significant concerns,” Williams said. “No matter what your story, we can all use support and connection right now.

“Loving Spirit has been so generous in partnering with libraries, universities, hospitals, hospices and other organizations around the country to make this webinar available to all who need it.”

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