The Ketchum Arts Commission has issued a call for submissions from Idaho-based muralists to contribute a permanent installment to Ketchum’s already vibrant artistic landscape.

    The commission has set aside a 9-foot-high by 25-foot-wide section of wall in the Ketchum Visitor Center on Sun Valley Road, hoping to cover the area in a large mural summative of the city’s cultural identity.

    In the official call for artist submissions, the Arts Commission stressed the versatility of the subject: Ketchum itself. The city is a favorite destination of winter and summer athletes alike, it hosts a bustling arts community, verges on the Sawtooth National Forest and sees some of the most iconic wildlife and geographic features of the American West.

    As such, the commission is not enforcing any particular restrictions on the subject matter, as long as it captures the essence of Ketchum.

    “Possible themes include local history, culture, flora, fauna or landscape,” the call for artists reads.

    The call for submissions stipulates that all proposals must be “in good taste and be in furtherance of the KAC: to integrate arts and culture into the life of the community.” Other than that, the dimensional limitations and the typical legal requirements (no corporate logos, etc.), the artists are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild.

    For artists unfamiliar with the Visitor Center, the building stands on the corner of one of Ketchum’s busiest thoroughfares, opens onto the town square and hosts a heavily trafficked Starbucks coffee shop.

    The successful applicant or team will receive a stipend of $3,000 to fund the actualization of his, her or their artistic vision. The artist or artists can also receive up to $500 as reimbursement for creative materials.

To apply, applicants must submit a résumé, short artistic statement not to exceed 250 words, between six and 10 images of existing artwork, detailed information corresponding to each submitted image and any other relevant press or promotional materials where appropriate.

    Any artist based in Idaho fulfills the parameters of eligibility. For more information or to announce an intent to participate, email Lisa Enourato at Visit for details on this project and other artistic opportunities around Ketchum.

    To apply, email the required items to the above address by May 13.

    The project is made possible by a grant from the Idaho Commission on the Arts.

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