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Artist Molly Snee’s “Idaho Blue” can now be viewed at the Ketchum/Sun Valley Visitor Center, in downtown Ketchum.

A mural titled “Idaho Blue” has been completed by local artist Molly Snee for display in the Sun Valley Visitor Center, in downtown Ketchum. Snee’s work spans 25 feet and features familiar valley sights: a mountain bluebird, aspen trees and a bright night sky.

“This stunning mural has revitalized the Visitor Center and captured the spirit of Ketchum,” Mayor Neil Bradshaw said. “I’m thrilled by what Molly has created for our community and visitors.”

The wall piece, commissioned by the city of Ketchum and the Ketchum Arts Commission, was made possible by private donors and a grant from the Idaho Commission on the Arts.

When asked about her mural, Snee said she wanted to highlight her favorite aspects of Idaho nature, “especially the majestic night sky and bluebird days that serve as the backdrop to the ways we experience nature in Ketchum.”

Snee, a Virginia native, moved to Idaho after obtaining a fine arts degree from Syracuse University. She continues to serve as an illustrator for The New York Times, NPR and local Wood River Valley organizations.

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