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Reinheimer Ranch has played host to outdoor, socially distanced performances this summer.

This weekend will see the next performance of Field Daze, the new outdoor theater offering at Reinheimer Ranch founded by Cathy Reinheimer and Lila Claghorn.

The fourth installment of Field Daze 2020 will star local theater stalwarts Gary and Connie Hoffman in “An Evening of Theater Delight.” The duo will perform a series of scenes and a one-act play at 6:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday, Sept. 11-12, at Reinheimer Ranch.

“I like to keep a little bit of mystery around the program, but I will say it’s all Tony- or Pulitzer Prize-winning material,” Gary Hoffman said. “Most of them are light, funny farces as well. In times like these, we need a laugh—not more tragedy.”

Hoffman selected some of the best scenes he’s produced and performed in his last 20 years as a member of the local theater community, focusing on comedy for the 80-minute program.

Both performances will be free, but Hoffman asks audience members to consider making a donation to Reinheimer’s Wet Lab Productions to help ensure more Field Daze events this year and in the future.

“All my productions have been for one nonprofit or another,” he said. “We want to make sure Cathy can keep doing this. I think it’s important. It opens up the community to more options. Never before in all the years I’ve lived here have I seen so many people casting about for something to do. It’s astounding.”

Since launching Field Daze earlier in the summer, Reinheimer has tapped the best local talent to produce several sold-out shows. She and Claghorn took a look at the barebones summer calendar and the pile of canceled events and came up with a solution: safe, socially distanced outdoor entertainment showcasing the best the valley has to offer. Their can-do attitude immediately caught Hoffman’s attention.

“That’s right up my ally. I’m the quintessential ‘we-can-do-this’ person,” he said. “How can we cut the red tape, eliminate excess baggage and make something happen? That’s exactly what she did. When I first saw this in the paper, I immediately called her up and said I wanted to get on board.

“It’s important for the community and for theater. She’s setting a great example, and I always believe in leading by example. It’s so much easier to raise objections and questions as opposed to saying ‘we can do that.’ I hope [Field Daze] will serve as an inspiration to others.”

Though the event is free, reservations are required as attendance is limited to keep in line with health protocols. Audience members are encouraged to bring picnics, beverages, blankets and chairs, and will be required to wear masks when not seated. As the evenings are beginning to cool off, audience members are encouraged to bring a jacket or sweater as well.

Visit fielddaze2020.org or call 208-725-5522 to learn more.

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