Dutch National Ballet 1

The Dutch National Ballet (DNB) will be touring the United States, and their first stop is Sun Valley July 1 — 2, at the Sun Valley Pavilion.

It took 18 years for Ted Brandsen to find his inspiration to dance, but once he did, it took his life in a new direction. That path led him to become the director of the Dutch National Ballet.

This July, Brandsen is excited to bring a few of the company’s productions to the audiences in Sun Valley.

“It was the people around me, the atmosphere in the studio that inspired me to become a dancer,” Brandsen said. “I hope the audiences in Sun Valley will be touched in some way by the performances, by the poetry of the different pieces, the virtuosity of our dancers and the beauty of the choreographic work.”

Dutch National Ballet 2

{span}Ted Brandsen has been the director of Dutch National Ballet since 2003.{/span}