A trio of performers from C!RCA will take to the Argyros’ main stage for two shows this weekend.

    Since opening last November, the Argyros Performing Arts Center has hosted ballets, plays, rock bands, choirs, jazz trios and much more, but as summer winds to its inevitable close, the Ketchum theater zeroes its sights in on something completely different: a travelling circus.

    Australian company C!RCA is at the forefront of the contemporary circus movement, helping to push the envelope and redefine the boundaries of what “circus” means as a source of entertainment and an artform of incredible athleticism.

    Genre-bending choreographic displays of acrobatics combine music, dance, pantomiming, stunt work and many more areas of performance.

    The troupe has a dozen different shows in its current repertoire, and will bring just one of these to Ketchum for two evenings of entertainment this weekend, on Friday and Saturday.

    Some of C!RCA’s shows involve opulent costumes and sets, sprawling casts and extensive musical ensembles, but the Argyros will host one of the group’s most intimate, scaled-down sequences, “What Will Have Been.”

    The act lasts just over an hour. During that time, three accomplished acrobats weave a complicated and emotional narrative without the use of dialogue or lyrics.

    Set to a score of Bach compositions mixed with electronica, the official C!RCA description calls the routine “hauntingly beautiful” and guarantees that the performance will “tug at your heartstrings and have you on the edge of your seat.” Sydney’s Dailey Review lauded the show as “utterly captivating,” describing it as “circus at its purest and most thrilling.”

    “What Will Have Been” debuted in Norwich, England, in 2015 and has been performed in Australia, Hungary, Mexico, France, Finland and Sweden, but never before in the United States.

    The globally touring circus company has performed in 40 countries before more than a million people since its founding in 2004. C!RCA currently has acts performing in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States, with upcoming shows in Japan, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

    The Ketchum dates are the only performances of “What Will Have Been” outside of Japan for the rest of the year, so anyone interested and bound to this hemisphere should not miss this opportunity.

    Both performances begin at 7:30 p.m., the first on Friday, Sept. 6, and the second on Saturday, Sept. 7. Tickets vary in cost from $40 to $150, with the top tier including complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drinks starting an hour before the show begins.

    Visit theargyros.org, email info@theargyros.com, call 208-726-7872 or pop by the Argyros box office at 120 Main St. S. in Ketchum to secure tickets for the cutting-edge Australian circus troupe.

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