Each year, the Bellevue Artist Alliance pulls its members together for an open studio tour, allowing dilettantes and connoisseurs alike to explore the south valley’s rich aesthetic offerings and witness firsthand how local artists work to create their images and objects.

For the past few years, the alliance held its studio tour in October, but that is set to change this year, with the event scheduled for the end of July. In anticipation of that looming date, the group has issued a call for artists to participate.

The alliance consists of about 40 artists, covering the spectrum of media. The group boasts a host of painters, ceramicists, sculptors, photographers, fabric artists, jewelers and more. Any form of art is welcome. For alliance spokesperson Lee Higman, diversity is part of what makes the group so special.

“We welcome all kinds of artists. We’re open to any medium, any style,” she said.

With its impressive membership, the alliance proves that Bellevue is a more bustling artistic area than some may initially expect.

“This is a thriving creative community,” Higman said. “We have 40 artists on our roster, with around 20 planning to participate in the open studio tour.”

The Bellevue Artist Alliance is extending a special invitation to Hispanic artists in the community. Higman believes that even though Hispanics comprise quite a large percentage of the Bellevue population, this group is considerably underrepresented in the Artist Alliance.

All artists in the Bellevue area, regardless of style or experience—and certainly regardless of demographical classification—are welcome to join the Artist Alliance.

The Open Studio Tour is set for the last weekend in July, spanning Saturday, July 27, and Sunday, July 28. For more information, contact Lee Higman at 208-481-0769 or Anne Jeffery at 208-921-3968.

Members enjoy opportunities to take part in the Studio Tour, the group show and artist reception at the Silver Creek Hotel, as well as rotating exhibitions at 7Fuego restaurant, the Bellevue Public Library and Mountain West Bank in Hailey. In addition to those, the alliance manages a booth at the Trailing of the Sheep Festival in October.

Participation requires an annual fee of $100 to cover the basic costs of all those events. For those who want to become members without joining the exhibitions or tour, the alliance offers an associate membership for $20. Associate members are still represented on the alliance’s website and Facebook page, with their works highlighted online.

Visit bellevueartistalliance.com to learn more about the group and to download the artist registration form.

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