The San Francisco Ballet School Pre-Professional Dancers make their return to the public stage in Ketchum on Friday after 18 months away from audiences. For one night only, they will perform works by the world’s top choreographers at The Argyros..

The group first came here in 2019. Ballet Sun Valley Executive Director Kelli Quinlan helped bring this new roster of dancers as they start their first tour.

“This is the next generation of world class dancers,” Quinlan said. “They’re really excited.”

These 12 dancers, ages 17-19, come from around the world to audition for this program: Brazil, China, the United Kingdom and South Korea, among other countries. They train seven hours a day, six days a week. Several of them go to school at the same time.

Similar to a graduate program for ballet, this is the final year before these dancers go out into the world. Approximately 70% of them stay within the San Francisco Ballet. This program has a 100% success rate of getting those involved employment with a professional dance company.

“Who knows where these people might land,” Quinlan said.

They will perform some new works created for them. They will also perform classics in the San Francisco repertoire, including an excerpt from “Swan Lake,” “Future Paper” by Dana Genshaft and “Graces” by Viktor Plotnikov.

While in the Wood River Valley, the dancers will teach a class at Footlight Dance Centre.

“Education is an important component to support our community of year-round students,” Quinlan said.

They are housed by a local family where they all stay together.

“It provides them a chance to bond,” Quinlan said. “You can really see that in their dancing.”

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