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From left, Melodie Taylor-Mauldin, John Mauldin, Aly Wepplo and David Janeski star in a primarily local ensemble.

Love is in the air! Or, at least, give it a week and it ought to be.

Valentine’s Day is the next holiday on the calendar, and while the cynical at heart may delight at the easy cannon fodder of mushy sentiments, derivative symbolism, lazy greeting cards and sappy radio love ballads, this is truly a time to take stock of the things and people one holds nearest and dearest.

Skiers delight at February snowfall, but for others, it can be a dreary month—especially when it begins with a subterranean rodent bidding us all six more weeks of winter. Valentine’s Day offers the common folk a little ray of light—a rosy, saccharin, loveable ray.

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