The Idaho Commission on the Arts announced last week that Boise-based author Malia Collins has received the state’s highest literary distinction, the Writer in Residence appointment.

    Collins, a native of Hawaii who is now an assistant professor of English and creative writing at College of Western Idaho, has generated a diverse body of work, including short stories, essays and children’s books.

    A panel of out-of-state judges reviewed anonymous submissions and selected Collins based on her writing quality, professional achievements and audio recordings demonstrating her ability as a speaker, since the position requires a number of public readings.

    “Collins writes splendid prose full of warmth and vivid imagery. She braids the personal and cultural beautifully and gives voice to characters we haven’t heard or seen before,” the judges said.

    Collins will hold the position for a two-year term, during which time she will take part in various programs, readings and workshops across the state. Learn more at

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