In early December 1941, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill hosted Averell Harriman—Sun Valley founder and American President Franklin Roosevelt’s special envoy to the United Kingdom—at his country residence.

    Retiring for the evening of Dec. 7, the pair were shocked when they turned on Churchill’s radio to hear the first reports of the disaster at Pearl Harbor.

    For the first two years of the war, Churchill had been courting Roosevelt unsuccessfully to support Britain’s stand in Europe. Following the Japanese attack on the U.S. Navy, Roosevelt now had no choice but to enter one of the greatest conflicts in human history.

    On Tuesday, July 16, The Community Library in Ketchum will host esteemed authors and historians Lee Pollock and Catherine Grace Katz for a discussion of the relationship between Churchill and Harriman, both in terms of their interpersonal dynamics and the ways in which they influenced the course of the war.

    The lecture is free, open to the public and will begin at 6 p.m. Visit for details.

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