Halloween Hoopla

Hailey's Halloween Hoopla returns this weekend.

All ages are welcome to Hailey’s Halloween Hoopla, Oct. 31 from 3:30-5:30 p.m., made possible by The Chamber and local merchants. Look for black and orange balloons. There will be a Kiwanis Costume Contest in Town Square.

What exactly is a “hoopla”? I’m glad you asked. The website Google.com defines it as “excitement surrounding an event or situation.” It’s somewhere between a brouhaha and a commotion. More than a hubbub but not quite a frenzy.

Remember to brush your teeth after all that candy. Nothing is spookier than a cavity. That’s why I give out kale and ice cubes to trick-or-treaters. They appreciate it so much, they give me eggs in return. I just wish their delivery was a little more gentle.

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