Devon Seefeldt, Laura Scheele, Paul Holle, Jack Seiller and Ian Doyle oversee Sawtooth Brewery’s operation at its Hailey facility.

Over the past 11 years, Sawtooth Brewery has expanded from 1,100 square feet in a hotel to 10,500 square feet over two facilities and a food truck. However, Head Brewer and CEO Paul Holle says their original mission has stayed strong.

“We started to brew great beer locally and create a culture and community around beer in the Sun Valley area,” Holle said. “That comes out in everything from the comfort and relaxed feel of our pubs to our community events.”

This weekend, Sawtooth Brewery will host two celebrations to honor their 11th anniversary: Friday, Nov. 11, at the Hailey Taphouse and Saturday, Nov. 12, at the Ketchum Public House.

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