Published February 10, 2012

  Germs, germs. Where do they come from? Everywhere.

  There were 28 guests from almost everywhere the other night in our house for dinner. Add another 50 people or so the following afternoon when we hosted tea. As near as I could figure out they came from 23 different parts of the world on 23 different airlines carrying at least a dozen strong and highly infectious microbes. One couple had traveled halfway around the world from western Australia on the Indian Ocean. They survived the long trip to eastern Australia then a 14-hour flight to San Francisco and another flight to Bozeman, Mont. I figured they carried at least 10 gazillion different microbes waiting to jump aboard anyone from Montana as soon as they were within breathing distance. If our guests were all having a grand old time, imagine how the microbes were doing! Those infectious germs met all kinds of new friends. They instantly started propagating just for the fun of it, leaving all manner of breathing problems behind them.

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