Published January 11, 2013

  Many years ago when everything was cheap by today’s standards, it still took ‘x’ hours of hard work to earn ‘x’ amount of money. In the early 1960s I could still buy a basic Volkswagen Bug for under $1,000 in Munich when I went over there to film. I’d get a 90-day note at the bank, pay cash for the car, drive it a month or so in Europe, then send it home and sell it for more than I paid for it six or seven weeks after I bought it—while having free transportation in Europe. Everything I bought in those days, just add a zero today and double the price. A $5 a day chairlift ticket in 1956 would cost $50 dollars. Multiply by two to get your lift ticket price today.

  In the 1950s driving in Europe then was on narrow, winding, two-lane roads. I found my way across Austria, into Italy and finally to Yugoslavia to enter a Communist country for the first time. I was nervous because I spoke not a single word of their language and I was going to a ski-flying tournament.

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