The Lake Tahoe ski areas have 25 feet of snow. Mammoth got 17 feet in one storm. The morning news said snow is covering most of America. So what happened to Al Gore and his Nobel Peace Prize for predicting global warming?

  Here in Montana, the powder snow is chest deep in some of the chutes at the Yellowstone Club. The wind is blowing 64 miles per hour at the top. Fortunately most of our ski slopes are east and north facing, so snow just piles up deeper and by the time you go back up for another run your tracks are full of new fallen snow.

  Last winter we decided to build a garage on our slope side ski home. It is being built between the house and the chair lift. The men manning the concrete pumps and the construction of the forms are working through the blizzards and I can report good progress on the project. I don’t envy them having to work outside in temperatures such as this. I was playing in it instead of working in it when I was their age.

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