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With drought emergencies declared in eight Idaho counties so far—including Blaine, Butte, Camas, Custer, Gooding and Lincoln—and over 1 million Idaho residents now living in drought areas, growers across the state are already reporting devastating crop losses. Read more

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As the sun set in Gimlet on Wednesday—creating an orange-striped sky—drag queens took their … Read more

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All -star pitcher Pedro Martinez was one of the lucky players to return to the major leagues… Read more

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These are the longest days of summer. The weather forecast is calling for temperatures in th… Read more

The founding of the Sun Valley Center for the Arts paralleled the start of a new era for America’s legendary Sun Valley Resort. The Union Pacific Railroad Company under Averell Harriman had established the first destination ski resort in the United States in 1936, drawing celebrities and the rich and famous from around the country and around the world. But by the late 1960s the company had… Read more

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