Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2014 Blaine County/Hershey track results

Lily Hogan takes her turn in the Girls’ 11-12 standing long jump Saturday at Carey. Hogan placed fourth in the softball throw at 66-6 and third in the 200m dash in 34.32. Photo by Willy Cook

     May 3, 2014, the annual Hershey/Blaine County track and field meet at Carey School’s Derrick Parke Memorial Field, sponsored by the Blaine County Recreation District and volunteers. The top two finishers in each event (ages 9-14) qualified for the southern Idaho state meet Saturday, June 28 at Madison Junior High in Rexburg. School abbreviations are Hailey Elementary (H), Hemingway Elementary (Hem), Woodside Elementary (W), Carey School (C), Camas County (Camas), Wood River Middle School (WRMS), Mackay (M), Sage School (Sage) and Pioneer Montessori School (Pioneer).


Ages 9-10 (2004-05)


     · Girls' standing long jump: 1—Alexis Nachtman (W) 5-9.5. 2—Liesl Gerlach 5-6.5. 3—Jacy Thomas (W) 5-6.5. 4—Maeve O’Connell (Pioneer) 5-6.25. 5—Svea Leidecker (Hem) 5-4.25. 6—Olivia Adams (H) 5-3.25.

     · Girls' softball throw: 1—Berenice Vargas (C) 64-5. 2—Olivia Adams (H) 59-6. 3—Maeve Bailey (Pioneer) 52-2. 4—Cassidy Boyd (H) 51-4. 5—Kacie Flolo (H) 49-6. 6—Kaylee Kolman (B) 48-5.

     · Girls' 50m: 1—Alexis Nachtman (W) 8.34. 2—Svea Leidecker (Hem) 8.69. 3—Anna Geissler (H) 8.81. 4—Shelby Bradshaw 9.20. 5—Maeve O’Connell (Pioneer) 9.27. 6—Ava Smith (C) 9.31.

     · Girls' 100m: 1—Alexis Nachtman (W) 16.65. 2—Svea Leidecker (Hem) 16.96. 3—Agnes Kind (Hem) 17.57. 4—Niki Cohen (Hem) 17.80. 5—Jane Parke (C) 18.01. 6—Kacie Flolo (H) 18.15.

     · Girls' 200m: 1—Liesl Gerlach 36.60. 2—Alexandria Ornelas (C) 37.32. 3—Maeve O’Connell (Pioneer) 39.15. 4—Jacy Thomas (W) 40.22. 5—Maeve Bailey (Pioneer) 40.82. 6—Kaylee Kolman (B) 40.85.

     · Girls' 400m: 1—Liesl Gerlach 1:23.21. 2—Niki Cohen (Hem) 1:27.91. 3—Agnes Kind (Hem) 1:32.10. 4—Alexandria Ornelas (C) 1:32.26. 5—Maeve Bailey (Pioneer) 1:35.23. 6—Berenice Vargas (C) 1:38.02.

     · Girls' 400m relay: 1—Pioneer Montessori (Harris, Bailey, Daves, O’Connell) 1:17.70. 2—Carey (Vargas, Ornelas, Parke, Hennefer) 1:18.68. 3—Pioneer Montessori (Smith, Knowles, Vorm, Bailey) 1:26.16.

     · Boys' standing long jump: 1—Dylan Prabowo (Hem) 6-5. 2—Nick Fehr (H) 5-9. 3—Sawyer Grafft (B) 5-9. 4—Colton Larna (C) 5-8. 5—Connor Simpson (C) 5-7. 6—Payton Sorenson (H) 5-6.

     · Boys' softball throw: 1—Charlie Roberts (H) 95-6. 2—Tommy Nisson (B) 91-6. 3—Dane Malko (Hem) 91-0. 4—Riley Morey (C) 90-6. 5—Aidan Long (H) 82-6. 6—Chase Bennion (C) 82-0.

     · Boys' 50m: 1—Zachary Dilworth (H) 8.72. 2—Connor Simpson (C) 8.83. 3—Aidan Long (H) 8.87. 4—Ethan Hansen (H) 8.93. 5—Micah Shupe (H) 9.09. 6—Cash Landrum-Duval (Hem) 9.16.

     · Boys' 100m: 1—Riley Morey (C) 15.67. 2—Zachary Dilworth (H) 16.21. 3—Tommy Nisson (B) 16.45. 4—Micah Shupe (H) 16.81. 5—Calvin Miller (B) 16.91. 6—Ethan Hansen (H) 16.94.

     · Boys' 200m: 1—Owen Stouffer (B) 34.14. 2—Tommy Nisson (B) 34.75. 3—Conrad Foster (H) 36.15. 4—Calvin Miller (B) 36.73. 5—Zeke Agnew (Hem) 37.65. 6—Cole Schieven (Hem) 38.03.

     · Boys' 400m: 1—Riley Morey (C) 1:15.93. 2—Owen Stouffer (B) 1:21.74. 3—Conrad Foster (H) 1:24.85. 4—Zeke Agnew (Hem) 1:34.75. 5—Taylor Wintermote (C) 1:38.07.

     · Boys' 400m relay: 1—Hailey (Dilworth, Shupe, Hansen, Roberts) 1:09.25. 2—Carey (Larna, Bennion, Simpson, Morey) 1:11.58. 3—Carey (Parke, Kirkland, Wintermote, Ocampo) 1:21.05.


Ages 11-12 (2002-03)


    · Girls' standing long jump: 1—Remi Wojciechowski 6-0.25. 2—Kali Herbst (WRMS) 5-11.25. 3—Sascha Leidecker (WRMS) 5-10.5. 4—Lauren Roberts (WRMS) 5-10.25. 5—Priscilla Williamson (Camas) 5-8.75. 6—Marika Versis (C) 5-8.75.

     · Girls' softball throw: 1—Bailie Morey (C) 118-0. 2—Kylie Wood (C) 107-0. 3—Lizbeth Ruiz (C) 98-0. 4—Lily Hogan (Hem) 66-6. 5—Marcela del Real (C) 67-6. 6—Priscilla Williamson (Camas) 52-0.

     · Girls' 100m: 1—Lauren Roberts (WRMS) 14.84. 2—Remi Wojciechowski 15.58. 3—Bailie Morey (C) 15.59. 4—Sascha Leidecker (WRMS) 15.61. 5—Lizbeth Ruiz (C) 16.14. 6—Kylie Wood (C) 16.16.

     · Girls' 200m: 1—Sascha Leidecker (WRMS) 33.48. 2—Bailie Morey (C) 34.01. 3—Lily Hogan (Hem) 34.32. 4—Remi Wojciechowski 34.48. 5—Elle Mann (Pioneer) 34.80. 6—Kali Herbst (WRMS) 35.67.

     · Girls' 400m: 1—Lauren Roberts (WRMS) 1:11.56. 2—Kali Herbst (WRMS) 1:28.65. 3—Devon Peterson (WRMS) 1:29.40. 4—Myah Barney (B) 1:29.51. 5—Sierra Olson (C) 1:30.34. 6—Marcela del Real (C) 1:43.52.

     · Girls' 800m: 1—Eva Carlson (Pioneer) 3:46.52. 2—Veronica Galvez (B) 3:52.18. 3—Candence Campbell (Hem) 4:12.84.

     · Girls' 400m relay: 1—Carey (Versis, Morey, Ruiz, Wood) 1:04.60. 2—Carey (Kirkland, Olson, del Real, Garcia) 1:07.93. 3—Pioneer Montessori (McDonald, Mann, Carlson, Vorm) 1:10.34. 4—Hailey (Smith, Cole, Geissler, Adams) 1:12.12.

     · Boys' standing long jump: 1—Brigham Parke (C) 7-1. 2—Nolan Moorman (M) 7-0. 3—Seamus O’Connell (Pioneer) 7-0. 4—Evan Blas (WRMS) 6-9. 5—Oscar Mercado (M) 6-8.5. 6—Chase Green (M) 6-8.

     · Boys' softball throw: 1—Brigham Parke (C) 130-6. 2—Jesus Villanueva (C) 118-6. 3—Lachlan Smith (Pioneer) 102-6. 4—AJ Flora (W) 98-0. 5—Alex Daves (Pioneer) 86-0. 6—Isaac Kolman (B) 84-2.

     · Boys' 100m: 1—Lachlan Smith (Pioneer) 14.46. 2—Carson Simpson (C) 14.50. 3—Seamus O’Connell (Pioneer) 14.65. 4—Alex Austin (Hem) 15.45. 5—Dallin Parke (C) 15.87. 6—Lance Heyrend (B) 15.94.

     · Boys' 200m: 1—Lachlan Smith (Pioneer) 30.74. 2—Carson Simpson (C) 30.95. 3—Nolan Moorman (M) 32.11. 4—Brigham Parke (C) 32.36. 5—Lance Heyrend (B) 33.32. 6—Oscar Mercado (M) 33.63.

     · Boys' 400m: 1—Seamus O’Connell (Pioneer) 1:09.46. 2—Dallin Parke (C) 1:14.63. 3—Nolan Moorman (M) 1:14.98. 4—Caelin Bradshaw (Pioneer) 1:16.29. 5—Chase Green (M) 1:16.41. 6—Dylan Heyrend (B) 1:16.77.

     · Boys' 800m: 1—Caelin Bradshaw (Pioneer) 2:56.77. 2—Owen Holt-Frank 3:00.10.

     · Boys' 400m relay: 1—Carey (Parke, Parke, Villanueva, Simpson) 1:02.40. 2—Mackay (Moorman, Mercado, Woodbury, Green) 1:09.60. 3—Pioneer Montessori (O’Connell, Smith, Bradshaw, McGonigal) 1:09.70.


Ages 13-14 (2000-01)


     · Girls' standing long jump: 1—Lindsey Morey (C) 6-10. 2—Kailey Rasberry (C) 6-0.5. 3—Sarah Feltman (WRMS) 5-11.75. 4—Felicity Black (C) 5-11. 5—Rosemary Wright (WRMS) 4-11.5.

    · Girls' softball throw: 1—Sarah Feltman (WRMS) 66-6.

     · Girls' 100m: 1—Athanasia Versis (C) 14.11. 2—Lindsey Morey (C) 14.28. 3—Sarah Feltman (WRMS) 15.57. 4—Karley Rasberry (C) 16.05. 5—Kadiann Heyrend (WRMS) 16.08.

     · Girls' 200m: 1—Athanasia Versis (C) 29.78. 2—Lindsey Morey (C) 30.11. 3—Paige DeShields (WRMS) 35.92. 4—Rosemary Wright (WRMS) 40.38.

     · Girls' 800m: 1—Kirsys Campbell (WRMS) 2:52.04. 2—Rosemary Wright (WRMS) 3:25.10.

     · Girls' 1600m: 1—Kirsys Campbell (WRMS) 6:39.30. 2—Paige DeShields (WRMS) 8:47.89.

     · Boys' standing long jump: 1—Davey Schrader (WRMS) 6-9.

    · Boys' softball throw: 1—Trevor Kirkland (C) 149-6. 2—Kobe Marinac (M) 142-0. 3—Davey Schrader (WRMS) 87-6. 4—Porter Larna (C) 86-0.

     · Boys' 100m: 1—Kobe Marinac (M) 14.60. 2—Jacoda Whitworth (M) 15.53. 3—Porter Larna (C) 15.82. 4—Davey Schrader (WRMS) 17.65.

     · Boys' 200m: 1—Jacoda Whitworth (M) 32.43. 2—Porter Larna (C) 34.35.

     · Boys' 800m: 1—Tanner Mecham (C) 2:42.42. 2—Brayden Olson (C) 2:45.69. 3—Trevor Kirkland (C) 2:53.21. 4—Hunter Barrow (Sage School) 2:54.29.

     · Boys' 1600m: 1—Tanner Mecham (C) 5:48.04. 2—Nate Fortner 5:50.61. 3—Brayden Olson (C) 6:11.64. 4—Hunter Barrow (Sage) 6:14.00. 5—Isaac Kolman 7:27.47.


Ages 8-and-under (2006-08)


     · Girls' softball throw: 1—Ashlyn Olsen (C) 55-8. 2—Maddie Bennion (C) 55-0. 3—Skylar Runswick (Hem) 51-4. 4—Gentrey Cabitto (Hem) 50-6. 5—Vanessa Olsen (C) 46-0. 6—Kenia Quintero (W) 36-6.

     · Girls' standing long jump: 1—Sarah Ewing (Hem) 5-0. 2—Ava Agnew (Hem) 4-10.5. 3—Charlotte Cox (Hem) 4-8. 4—Skylar Runswick (Hem) 4-4. 5—Ashley Zarate (C) 4-3.75. 6—Inez Kraynick (W) 4-2.75.

     · Boys' softball throw: 1—Mathew Wilde (C) 70-0. 2—Xander Schofield (B) 69-6. 3—Ruben Rojos (C) 67-0. 4—Winston Gallegos (H) 69-11. 5—Trent Baker (Hem) 65-6. 6—Mitchell McCroskey (C) 64-0.

     · Boys' standing long jump: 1—Cole Conklin (Hem) 6-1. 2—Trent Baker (Hem) 5-11. 3—Wyatt Crego (B) 5-10. 4—Nikaolas Versis (C) 5-6. 5—Mathew Wilde (C) 5-6. 6—Cooper Bradshaw 5-5.

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