Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Miles wins Baldy Hill Climb a seventh time

Ketchum’s Jena Greaser glimpses the finish line atop Baldy Saturday on her way to a first Baldy Hill Climb women’s title. Photo by Willy Cook

     Ketchum’s Miles Fink-Debray is now a seven-time winner of the Baldy Hill Climb, joining course record holder Michael Tobin of Boise as the only seven-time BHC kings.

     There may be an heir apparent to Fink-Debray tuning up in the wings when it comes to climbing from the Warm Springs ski run bridge—elevation 5,880 feet—to Baldy’s 9,020-foot summit.

     Fink-Debray, 25, won his seventh Baldy climb in eight years Saturday, Oct. 12 with a final time of 36:41 for the 1.86-mile, 3,140 vertical foot ascent up the Warm Springs side of Sun Valley Resort’s principal ski mountain.

     He led 62 racing-class finishers up the hill in the 35th edition of the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation event. There were also 73 recreational class hikers, along with 23 mountain bikers.

     Placing second to Fink-Debray was Community School eighth-grade student Henry Raff, 14, with a time of 41:27. That was a 15:28 time improvement for Raff compared to his 49th place overall finish in last year’s Baldy ascent.

     Fink-Debray, a precocious Baldy Hill Climb finisher himself as a teenager, might have best appreciated the achievement of the young man with a big engine from Hailey.

     When Fink-Debray was 14 back in 2002, he placed 13th overall in the climb with a time of 44:20. Fink-Debray moved up to 8th place the next year, in 2003 as a 15-year-old in 42:11. He finally made the podium in second place a fraction of a second behind Whit Albright in 2005, with a time of 36:56. And in 2006 he won his first climb with his best time to date, 35:31.

     Raff claimed second place Saturday a full 50 seconds ahead of Jon Engen (42:17).

     Saturday’s women’s winner was Jena Greaser (48:08). Her time was 8:16 faster than her seventh-place result in last year’s climb. Greaser became the fifth different women’s winner in the last five years. Finishing in a virtual tie for second and third place were runner-up Kelly Allison (48:29) and Brooke Hovey.

     This was the sixth year that the BHC event included a mountain bike race up the hill.

     Hovey won her second straight “Cheeso Double” combined mountain bike and hiking ascent of Baldy with a time of 2.04:38, nearly five minutes ahead of runner-up Greaser. Hovey was the winner of the mountain bike race itself, in 1.16:08 over second-place Greaser (1.21:12).

     The men’s “Cheeso Double” champ for the first time was 44-year-old Richard Feldman (1.46:25) over John Reuter (1.53:19) and third-place Whit Albright (1.59:08). Feldman set a new course record in the BHC mountain bike race in 1.03:37, one second better than Tobin’s previous record set in 2012.

     The SVSEF was offering $100 cash prizes as incentives for those clocking course records in the running, mountain bike and “Cheeso Double” (bike and hike) divisions. Feldman was the only participant setting a course record Saturday.

     During September, Feldman won both the USA Cycling Masters Men’s 40-44 time trial championship in Oregon and the Union Cyclist Internationale (UCI) World Time Trial championship for his class in Italy.

     The “Cheeso Double,” or Baldy Double, is named for the late SVSEF ski coach Craig “Cheeso” Kjesbo.

     Possibly because the original race date had been pushed back two weeks because of lift maintenance requirements on Baldy, this year’s Baldy Hill Climb attracted the fewest racers/hikers, 135, since 2007. The biggest field of 299 racers/hikers occurred in 1997. Since the event started in 1979, there have been 5,069 finishers up the Warm Springs side.

     The hiking (recreational class) winners Saturday were Cole Newcomb (50:11) and Davina Walker (52:02). Walker had finished second in the female hiking class last year, but she improved her time 2:04 to take the title this time.

     Here is a summary of the BHC mountain bike winners over six years:

     · “Cheeso Double” men: Bill Nurge 2 wins; single wins to Dave Harrison, Whit Albright, Michael Tobin and Richard Feldman.

     · “Cheeso Double” women: Brooke Hovey and Rebecca Rusch 2 wins apiece; single wins to Kim Taylor and Sara Schroeder.

     · Mountain bike, men: Matt Luhn 2 wins; single wins to Cody Peterson, Dave Harrison, Michael Tobin and Richard Feldman.

     · Mountain bike, women: Brooke Hovey and Rebecca Rusch 2 wins each; single wins to Kim Taylor and Sara Schroeder.


2013 Baldy Hill Climb Results

 Oct. 12, 2013, the 35th annual benefit activity presented by the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation’s Junior Nordic ski team. A total 135 finishers to the top—73 hiking (33 female and 40 male) and 62 racing (15 female and 47 male), plus 23 biking (4 female and 19 male). Finishing times in minutes and seconds; hours, minutes and seconds. Class finish listed in parentheses after name. The 1.86-mile course rose 3,140 vertical feet from the Warm Springs ski run bridge—elevation 5,880 feet—to the top of Baldy—elevation 9,020 feet. Course records: Michael Tobin 35:11 in 1989 and Morgan Arritola 39:53 in 2010.

1—Jena Greaser 48:08:00
2—Kelly Allison 48:29.6
3—Brooke Hovey 48:29.7
4—Kim Kawaguchi 51:32:00
5—Angenie McCleary 52:24:00
6—Julie Carney 58:05:00
7—Jenna Nurge 58:59:00
8—Sonya Johnston 1.00:53
9—Liz Roquet 1.05:15
10—Caitlin Skufca 1.13:31
11—Janelle Conners 1.22:03
12—Karen Simpson 1.23:14
13—Ella Wolter 1.24:48.2
14—Chloe Tanous 1.24:48.4
15—Tracey Caraluzzi 1.29:47
1—Miles Fink-Debray 36:41:00
2—Henry Raff 41:27:00
3—Jon Engen 42:17:00
4—Richard Feldman 42:47:00
5—Landon Nurge 45:21:00
6—Peter Wolter 45:33:00
7—Cooper Roquet 45:35:00
8—Whit Albright 46:20:00
9—John Reuter 46:43:00
10—Lee Roquet 46:49:00
11—Hannes Achhorner 46:54:00
12—Grady Burnett 46:59:00
13—Bob Rosso 47:06:00
14—Jim Santa 48:19:00
15—Del Pletcher 48:52:00
16—Ray Liermann 49:26:00
17—Brad Mitchell 49:36:00
18—Will Raff 49:36:00
19—Jordan Baker 50:21:00
20—Mike Wolter 52:44:00
21—Cleve Johnson 53:33:00
22—Jim McClatchy 53:35:00
23—Tate Hoefler 53:52:00
24—Chris Ganter 54:11:00
25—Kyle Rafford 54:43:00
26—Jim Bradford 54:57:00
27—Bill McCann 54:59:00
28—Nate Scales 55:02:00
29—Joe Wojcik 55:44:00
30—Emmett Say 56:05:00
31—Eric Hall 56:56:00
32—Gordon Player 57:10:00
33—Michael Dunham 57:52:00
34—Tom DeHart 58:45:00
35—Kyl Samway 59:05.7
36—Justin Lager 59:05.8
37—Kevin Ware 1.02:03
38—Patrick Simpson 1.02:14
39—John Baker 1.03:26
40—Jose Guerrero 1.04:09
41—Jon Holmquist 1.06:49
42—John Kearney 1.08:49
43—Scott Corkery 1.10:16
44—Ron Vernia 1.11:36
45—Sam East 1.14:29
46—Aurelie Bayer-Boloix 1.15:08
47—Wolfgang Kuhn 1.20:24
1—Davina Walker (3rd overall) 52:02:00
2-Annelies Ware (4th overall) 54:10:00
3—Massey Glenne (6th overall) 57:16:00
4—Ham Strung (7th overall) 59:08:00
5—Julie Sargent (8th overall) 1.00:11
6—Yvette Hubbard (10th overall) 1.00:47
7—Lucy Bourret 1.01:02
8—Laura Johnson 1.01:17
9—Susan Conner 1.01:41
10—Charlotte Alexander 1.05:47
11—Danna Cox 1.07:45
12—Giovanna McLaughlin 1.08:53
13—Julie LaFleur 1.10:28
14—Trish Klahr 1.11:55
15—Dorrie Marks 1.13:26
16—Heather Riccabona 1.14:28
17—Cindy Logan 1.16:26
18—Pam Rheinschild 1.17:56
19—Eva DeWolfe 1.18:51
20—Judith Steinbock 1.19:28
21—Kandy Blackburn 1.21:51
22—Lauren Tyler 1.26:23
23—Kathy Wygle 1.26:26
24—Anne Jeffery 1.27:29
25—Susan Giannettino 1.28:20
26—Charlotte Westendorf 1.30:21
27—Maggie Kohls 1.34:20
28—Maureen Baker 1.34:46
29—Paula Perry 1.42:18
30—Lisa Dirksmeier 1.42:33
31—Andrea Reid 2.10:49
31—Deb Robertson 2.10:49
1—Sage Curtis (26th female) 1.30:17
1—Cole Newcomb 50:11:00
2—Cody Caccia 51:08:00
3—Glen Allison 56:28:00
4—Jon Duval 1.00:41
5—Daren Pennell 1.01:00
6—Preston Sargent 1.01:21
7—Tim Mahoney 1.03:15
8—Charles Friedman 1.04:53
9—Michael Wise 1.05:27
10—John Kelley 1.09:02
11—Mike McKenna 1.09:37
12—Peter LaFleur 1.11:21
13—Jan Hegewald 1.11:46
14—Marshall Peterson 1.12:12
15—Tom Thompson 1.12:28
16—Erich Steinbock 1.12:36
17—Alex Margolin 1.13:04
18—John Matteson 1.13:47
19—Bob Erickson 1.13:57
20—Jim Latva 1.20:55
21—Jano Wiedemann 1.21:17
22—Ben Frank 1.23:29
23—George Kirk 1.24:16
24—Tom Wise 1.29:41
25—Tom Foote 1.29:54
26—Scott Curtis 1.30:17
27—Sam Turner 1.30:45
28—Glenn Hunter 1.32:37
29—Tom Osenton .1.32:38
30—Sean Brawner 1.34:17
31—David Marks 1.36:04
32—Scott Carlin 1.36:59
33—Tom Logan 1.38:51
34—Tom Bentley 1.51:36
1—Lukas DeWolfe (7th male) 1.02:23.37
2-Kristian DeWolfe (8th male) 1.02:23.46
3—William DeWolfe (22nd male) 1.18:51
4—Oliver Wiedemann 1.18:52
5—Ridge Dirksmeier 1.21:01
6—Huck Dirksmeier 1.42:04
1—Richard Feldman 1.03:37
2—John Reuter 1.06:35
3—Chris Ganter 1.12:06
4—Whit Albright 1.12:48
5—Dave Harrison 1.16:04
6—Brad Mitchell 1.17:51
7—Kyle Rafford 1.20:13
8—Timothy Harmon 1.22:07
9—Nate Scales 1.28:19
10—Bill McCann 1.29:39
11—Tom DeHart 1.29:51
12—Drew Kirk 1.31:13
13—Jon Holmquist 1.32:45
14—John Kearney 1.34:49
15—Joe Wojcik 1.36:50
16—Scott Corkery 1.40:43
17—Mitch DeShields 1.42:38
18—Kevin Ware 1.44:50
19—Gene Fairbrother 2.10:52
1—Richard Feldman 1.46:25
2-John Reuter 1.53:19
3—Whit Albright 1.59:08
4—Chris Ganter 2.06:17
5—Kyle Rafford 2.06:56
6—Brad Mitchell 2.07:27
7—Nate Scales 2.23:21
8—Tom DeHart 2.28:36
9—Joe Wojcik 2.32:35
10—John Kearney 2.43:38
11—Kevin Ware 2.46:54
1—Brooke Hovey 1.16:08
2-Jena Greaser 1.21:12
3—Janelle Conners 1.41:37
4—Caitlin Skufca 1.57:11
1—Brooke Hovey 2.04:38
2-Jena Greaser 2.09:21
Racers—Henry Raff 15:28, Jena Greaser 8:16, Jim Santa 4:32, John Reuter 4:10, Peter Wolter 3:49, Landon Nurge 3:26, Cooper Roquet 2:29, Ray Liermann 1:11, Del Pletcher 1:05, Richard Feldman 0:56, Brooke Hovey 0:09.  
Hikers—Anne Jeffery 5:08, Lukas DeWolfe 4:26, Marshall Peterson 4:12, Davina Walker 2:04.  
1979—54 finishers  
Greg Stone 40:50:00
Gabriele Andersen (20th) 49:43:00
1980—48 finishers  
Dave Bingham 38:17:00
Gabriele Andersen (14th) 47:28:00
1981—60 finishers  
Dave Bingham 40:31:00
Jane Reynolds (18th tie) 50:36:00
1982—71 finishers  
Craig Kjesbo 40:29:00
E.J. Harpham (35th) 51:28:00
1983—72 finishers  
Michael Tobin 38:44:00
Ruthie Matthes (18th) 46:54:00
1984—82 finishers  
Michael Tobin 39:59:00
Susie Patterson (6th) 42:49:00
1985—59 finishers  
Michael Tobin 38:00:00
Cindy Zapponi (19th) 46:10:00
1986—54 finishers  
Michael Tobin 35:36:00
Susie Patterson (7th) 44:26:00
1987—74 finishers  
Thane Lever 39:00:00
Will Raff 39:00:00
Alison Kiesel (25th) 48:39:00
1988—95 finishers  
Michael Tobin 37:16:00
Adrienne Leugers (23rd) 47:37:00
1989—106 finishers  
Michael Tobin 35:11:00
Dawn Farmer (34th) 48:46:00
1990—87 finishers (River Run)  
Kevin Sweeney 49:34:00
Adrienne Leugers (10th) 56:52:00
1991—150 finishers  
Kevin Sweeney 37:30:00
Adrienne Leugers (19th) 46:22:00
1992—147 finishers  
Bill Nurge 36:32:00
Muffy Ritz (30th) 49:06:00
1993—124 finishers  
Adam Heaney 37:30:00
Kelly O'Neill (28th) 52:56:00
1994—120 finishers  
Adam Heaney 38:49:00
Jane Hoopes (17th) 48:19:00
1995—230 finishers  
Danny Albright 38:59:00
Adrienne Leugers (20th) 45:46:00
1996—213 finishers  
Karl Van Calcar 38:22:00
Adrienne Leugers (7th) 45:57:00
1997—299 finishers  
Bill Nurge 39:12:00
Kelly McCann (15th) 45:02:00
1998—213 finishers  
Bill Nurge 38:45:00
Jen Douglas (8th) 42:46:00
1999—209 finishers  
Robert Whitney 35:52:00
Adrienne Leugers (14th) 44:19:00
2000—176 finishers  
Bill Nurge 38:49:00
Adrienne Leugers (9th) 44:21:00
2001—185 finishers  
Whitney Albright 37:40:00
Adrienne Leugers (12th) 44:23:00
2002—173 finishers  
Ryan Schmidt 37:15:00
Adrienne Leugers (18th) 44:55:00
2003—187 finishers  
Ryan Schmidt 36:28:00
Adrienne Leugers (21st) 44:26:00
2004—196 finishers  
Whitney Albright 37:03:00
Adrienne Leugers (12th) 42:43:00
2005—163 finishers  
Whitney Albright 36:56:00
Jenny Tobin (8th) 41:56:00
2006—170 finishers  
Miles Fink-Debray 35:31:00
Morgan Arritola (12th) 41:34:00
2007—131 finishers  
Miles Fink-Debray 36:31:00
Morgan Arritola (13th) 41:40:00
2008—192 racing/hiking finishers  
Miles Fink-Debray 37:29:00
Hether Holter (12th) 48:25:00
2008—38 biking finishers  
Cody Peterson 1.07:50
Rebecca Rusch (10th) 1.19:26
2008—11 Baldy Double finishers  
Bill Nurge 1.55:25
Rebecca Rusch (3rd) 2.11:09
2009—226 racing/hiking finishers  
Miles Fink-Debray 36:31:00
Adrienne Leugers (7th) 45:04:00
2009—44 biking finishers  
Matt Luhn 1.05:53
Kim Taylor (13th) 1.25:15
2009—24 Cheeso Double finishers  
Dave Harrison 1.54:09
Kim Taylor (6th) 2.16:57
2010—224 racing/hiking finishers  
Miles Fink-Debray 36:23:00
Morgan Arritola (4th) 39:53:00
2010—47 biking finishers  
Matt Luhn 1.05:35
Sara Schroeder (18th) 1.24:18
2010—28 Cheeso Double finishers  
Bill Nurge 1.51:08
Sara Schroeder (14th) 2.20:38
2011—181 racing/hiking finishers  
Michael Tobin 37:08:00
Chelsea Holmes (10th) 42:46:00
2011—43 biking finishers  
Dave Harrison 1.08:49
Rebecca Rusch (11th) 1.15:23
2011—24 Cheeso Double finishers  
Whit Albright 1.54:47
Rebecca Rusch (6th) 2.04:40
2012—163 racing/hiking finishers  
Miles Fink-Debray 36:09:00
Lucy Garrec (13th) 44:50:00
2012—48 biking finishers  
Michael Tobin 1.03:38
Brooke Hovey (14th) 1.13:53
2012—33 Cheeso Double finishers  
Michael Tobin 1.41:53
Brooke Hovey (12th) 2.02:34
2013—135 racing/hiking finishers  
Miles Fink-Debray 36:41:00
Jena Greaser (14th) 48:08:00
2013—23 biking finishers  
Richard Feldman 1.03:37
Brooke Hovey (6th) 1.16:08
2013—13 Cheeso Double finishers  
Richard Feldman 1.46:25
Brooke Hovey (4th) 2.04:38

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